Facelift (rhytidectomy)

While human aging is a completely natural process, with a timely help of the modern cosmetic surgery we can easily alter its effects!

Just take a look at your facelift surgery options and see, how easy and fast you can make these crucial adjustments and how affordable it is to stop the aging process for some time…

To understand your options and timing better, be sure to spot the first signs of aging. They may serve as a quick alert that you need to undergo the facelift surgery right now:

  • Creases below the eyes, in the corners of the mouth, below the nose
  • Loss of the skin tone
  • Loose skin or/and excess fat

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Service Cost: $459.00

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As an actress I constantly feel the pressure regarding my physical appearance. That’s why it’s been so important for me to have my liposuction and breast enlargement to happen the right way, which it did…

Amy Warren

While my aging is an absolutely natural thing, I’m working in a business where young looks and the appearance matter. That’s why when I was choosing a clinic for my facelift, I followed friends advice and went here!

Eleonore Roosevelt